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Formerly published by Schott as Edition 10845, the variations in this piece are based on an eight note tonal theme. The opening Theme is played by each instrument in turn, followed by 6 variations, each using a different interval of the scale, e.g. Seconds, Thirds, Fourths etc. The 7th variation is a short Fughetta, and the piece ends with a lively Finale in Calypso style.

Moderate difficulty
The score is A4 12 pages 151 bars
Performance time approx: 6:30 mins
Price £10.75 plus postage (includes separate parts for each instrument).
UK: £1.75 Royal Mail First Class
World: £4.50 Royal Mail International Standard 5 to 7 days
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The mp3 below, using samples from the Sibelius program gives some idea of the movements.
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Variations Two and Three
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Variations Five and Six
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Written when a student at Bretton Hall, for a recorder quartet we formed there, this was my first published work, by recorder specialists Schott & Co Ltd.

The work is dedicated to the other members of the original Quartet, Frank, Alex and Tony.

Recently performed in Leeds by the prize winning Consort Audite Nova