Do you get paid for your work?

Do you receive money for your work or do you just work for free? If you fall into the second category join the host of composers and performers who are widely expected to work for nothing. The creative community does actually need to eat and drive and buy books or go to the cinema, but the fruits of its compositions or performances, however much the composer or performer might enjoy or even hate producing them are considered by many not to be worthy of payment. Writers, actors, painters, sculptors, film makers et al are accepted as valid recipients of money for their efforts but music, almost uniquely, seems not to warrant such largesse. The Web has a lot to answer for in this matter with the ubiquitous availability of free and peer-to-peer web sites, but all this work of whatever genre, which has been so lovingly and often laboriously created by an actual human being somewhere on this wide world is happily taken, one could say stolen by many as their right to possess - for nothing.
See what Rosanne Cash, daughter of Johnny Cash had to say before Congress on this vital topic yesterday at:
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